Tell us Abey is an academic achievement assistant for students with verbal expression and/or motor planning challenges. It goes beyond casual communication to make the education environment fully accessible. Tell us Abey is the expressive component to Universal Design for Learning that has been missing.

Tell us Abey is designed for users who are already reading and who understand the concept of writing, even if they have never before been able to put their words on paper. The system uses an array of six switches, which make detailed written communication possible for a person who does not have the fine motor skills to use a standard keyboard. Each switch-hit activates a dynamic on-screen button. Through switch-hits, the user independently drives the program - reading, writing and doing math. Writing via the six switch array is much like writing a text message on cell phone that doesn’t have a full keyboard. This written communication can be saved, edited, printed, and emailed. It can be posted to a blog or to Facebook.

Tell us Abey improves educational outcomes and socialization for students with disabilities.

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