Tell us Abey modules in development:

  • Music notation that outputs to Sibleius.
  • Art.
  • Foreign Languages.
  • Script writing that outputs to FinalDraft.
  • Additional support for research papers.


Tell us Abey Image System:  for early communicators...

Tell us Abey Image System was designed children who are not yet reading. The system uses three switches, coordinated with three screens, to allow the children to express themselves. Tell us Abey Image System requires a teacher/parent/sibling to select the content of the three screens from a wide variety of categories including food, clothes, toys, books, letters, numbers, colors, etc. The child can choose what they want to eat for lunch or play with and can also demonstrate their knowledge of colors, sequences, letters, letter sounds, etc.

A library of images is provided, but Tell us Abey Image System has a simple utility to import images including family, friends, favorite toys and foods.


An early prototype at the clinic in Astoria.